Market research & studies

In addition to the classic research and development in the field of hydraulic machinery industry, the Institute is keen to cover the entire value chain, which also includes a detailed examination and analysis of the market and competitors.

For this purpose, market analyses are carried out continuously on new products and technologies, which provide the basis for a market-oriented implementation and constitute basis for any marketing activities. From the results of these studies really necessary and then specifically from the market (users, operators) can be derived required research activities and subsequently pushed forward. Without sufficient knowledge of customers, competitors and business environment through innovations in danger of becoming a flop, stressing the importance of previous market studies further reiterates.


  • New materials or concepts / innovations for pumps, turbines, valves, piping systems, ...
  • Process engineering / technology
  • Batcher
  • Pharma
  • Energy industry
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive
  • Pulp and paper industry


According to the task or problem, a suitable questionnaire is developed, with which, subsequently, all the necessary data to collect targeted. With the help of this questionnaire will then, depending on the desired degree of accuracy and scope of the investigation, 25 to 50 personal and sometimes and telephone interviews with the target group (operators, manufacturers, wholesalers, facility planners, ect.) performed.

In contrast to written surveys or online surveys may in-person interviews locally as "moods" are recognized, the introduction of new products and technologies play a central role, especially in relation and determine the success or failure of innovations. Further, there is also always the possibility that you could be problems which confront the operators or users in practice, look locally and thus is given a strong practical relevance. In addition, any time there is the possibility of checking with both sides in case of doubt, as opposed to purely written surveys can greatly increase the quality survey. After completion of data collection, the data is electronically processed, analyzed and interpreted logically in order to ultimately derive a promising strategy from it.

Practical example

Examples of the numerous works in this field are available. A recent study on sewage pumps in the communal area were outlined with the following research topics:

  1. Technology
    1. Process technology
    2. Pump technology
    3. Shafts
    4. Cleaners and agitators
  2. Market size
  3. Decision makers
    1. Buying decision factors
    2. Operators
    3. Planners
    4. Plant engineers
  4. Resommendations

Download Example market research & studies.


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