Turbine: optimization, design, troubleshooting

We support worldwide in the design, optimization and troubleshooting for turbines of hydroelectric power plants or even a complete system. Our services are ranging from basic research to product development to design complete hydropower plants (eg inlet, turbine outlet).


Our services for turbines / components / systems:

  • Product development
  • Optimization
  • Design & construction
  • Refurbishment
  • Troubleshooting


Our core competencies:

The Institute for Hydraulic Fluid Machinery of Graz University of Technology has a long tradition and profund experience. Our customers from the diffenernt areas (science, research and industry) appreciate the innovative, neutral and solution-oriented cooperation. We support operators, manufacturers and planners.


Know-how by tradition

In the 1980s our institute used as one of the FIRST in the German-speaking part of Europe Numerical Simulation (CFD) for turbine research and development.

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